Marble is one of seven natural stones which have a massive demand in the world market. Marble is essentially limestone that has undergone a transformation process over thousands of years whereby heat and pressure build up in the Earth’s core causing crystal collisions.

To ensure that our customers have access only to high quality products, our line up is carefully reviewed by well qualified experts in the field Our sourcing capacity gives access to very reasonable prices, which we pass on to our clients. When you make your order , you will not only have access to the best products, save time but you will also save money. We are confident that we will be able to supply your needs at very competitive prices.


Handmade Mosaic

Having been around for thousands of years, Mosaics tiles feature the assembly of material pieces brought together to form an artistic pattern. We are hand cut mosaic artists, who are passionate about this ancient art.Mosaic Tiles are handmade by craftsperson and each design is scrupulously assembled, wich is ideal for adding a touch of luxury to your home, ideal for bathrooms and hallways that's why we offer you a range of different marble mosaic tiles in different sizes and shades.


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